BLOOM furniture not only looks good, it is special. There are many reasons for this, a number of which can be found in the extraordinary quality of craftsmanship and the material composition. Others include the resource-friendly production processes that respect and honour both man and the environment. The challenge for BLOOM is to practice the art of combining these factors.

Our high quality materials and satisfied and motivated employees enable our Indonesian production of elaborately and lovingly crafted furniture that provides you with pleasure for years to come. We would like to convey some of the details of the composition and production of our collection.


The frames are made of aluminium and are welded together with perfect precision. This solid construction is the perfect foundation for the intricate weaving, which is exclusively handcrafted since this is the only way to achieve the stable, yet supple and flexible shape. To achieve maximum stability and durability, we only process aluminium pipes with a wall thickness of 1.5 – 2.0 mm. Every step of production is quality checked and a comprehensive audit is performed before coating. The subsequent powder coating in a colour that matches the weave ensures optimum corrosion protection for the frame.


The weaving material is made by Rehau a-polymer specialist from Germany. With more than 60 years of experience in polymer processing technologies Rehau stands for maximum quality and reliability. The synthetic weaving material is 100% UV resistant and can withstand all weather conditions. Even frost and snow do not harm it. One other aspect in choosing the right supplier for our weaving material was the environmental compatibility of the synthetic material. Due to using a specific type of polyethylene, Rehau weaving material can be recycled completely residue-free.