Garden furniture manufacturer with passion

If you want to transform your terrace, garden or pool into a place of relaxation with exclusive furniture, BLOOM is the place to be. You will surely love the solid craftsmanship, attention to detail and robust materials of BLOOM garden furniture! As a manufacturer of comfortable and stylish outdoor furniture, we strive to create furniture that is as unique as you are.
Our principle is: "Make something even better out of something good". This applies to our products and also, in particular, to our employees. For example, a special motivation and bonus system encourages new ideas and enables every individual - from the janitor to the department manager - to play their part in BLOOM's success.

"Making something even better out of something good"

Freely configurable garden furniture
directly from the manufacturer

Thanks to our unique distribution concept, without importers, middlemen and warehouses, we can offer you unbeatable prices for our garden furniture. Since we are a manufacturer that makes all pieces of furniture by hand only exclusively on order, you have almost infinite design possibilities in terms of dimensions and colors as well as design.

Were we able to arouse your interest?


If you would like to convince yourself of the quality of our furniture on site, we cordially invite you to our showroom in Mühlacker near Pforzheim. Here you can extensively test lie and get comprehensive advice.

Exquisite garden furniture handmade quality

If you want garden furniture that scores with quality and modern design, BLOOM is the place to be. Read on and learn more about our unique concept for outdoor furniture that meets the highest demands! BLOOM furniture is not just good, it is something very special. There are several reasons for that. Because garden furniture of high quality in terms of workmanship and material properties offer many manufacturers. As well as resource-conserving production processes that maintain respect for people and the environment. The challenge, not to say art, at BLOOM is now to combine all these factors and to offer in addition a fair pricing all along the line.

Through outstanding materials and satisfied, motivated employees, carefully and lovingly crafted furniture is created in our own Indonesian production, which our customers will enjoy for decades. Enclosed we would like to acquaint you with a few details about the nature and manufacture of our collections.


Sturdy frames for best garden furniture quality


Careful braiding by hand

The frames are made of aluminum and are perfectly welded together in precision work. This robust construction forms the ideal basis for the elaborate braiding, which is created exclusively by hand at BLOOM. This is the only way to achieve the particularly stable yet cuddly and flexible shape. For maximum stability and durability, only tested aluminum tubes with a wall thickness of 1.5 to 2.0 millimeters are processed. After each work step, the frames of the garden furniture are checked for quality before they are coated. The subsequent powder coating in the color matching the weave, provides the frame with optimal corrosion protection.

The weaving of all BLOOM furniture is lovingly done by hand. The weaving masters are divided into different teams depending on their skills and experience to ensure that the weaving of the garden furniture is always of impeccable quality. We use only braiding material from the German company REHAU. With more than 60 years of experience in plastic processing, REHAU stands for maximum quality and reliability. The braiding material called RAUCORD is 100 percent UV-resistant and permanently defies any weather, even snow and frost. The environmental compatibility of the material also played an important role for us in the selection of the suitable braiding fiber. RAUCORD is our "green" choice because the unique polyethylene-based fiber is PVC-free and fully recyclable. By the way, some of our models require up to two weeks of working time just for braiding.


Weatherproof cushions

The core of the cushions is made of "Quickdryfoam", a foam specially developed for outdoor use. This antibacterial material does not absorb any water, which is why it dries ultra-fast. The covers are made in our tailor shop from a so-called "Olefin" fabric, which is known for its UV resistance and water resistance and has proven excellent for outdoor use. The fabric is also easy to clean, remains colorfast, and proves extremely durable against mold, rot, and chlorine. All covers are removable and washable to a maximum of 40 degrees. Minor soiling can be easily removed with water and a little washing-up liquid. After washing, it is best to let the covers air dry. We do not recommend ironing!


Garden furniture manufacturer with passion

Our distribution concept

We want you to enjoy our beautiful furniture! And for this, in addition to an attractive design, top quality and high seating comfort, but also one thing must be right: The price. Thanks to our unique sales concept, we can offer you our high-quality collection at an extremely reasonable price.

Every order is handmade on-demand in our own production and comes directly to your home without any detours via importers or middlemen. In addition, we deliberately avoid any stock-keeping, as these factors do not improve the quality of our products, but only make them more expensive.

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