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With our LOFT collection you can create a distinctive outdoor experience, transform your terrace and garden into a unique outdoor living room!

Through various combination options, this collection offers a lot of flexibility and is easily adaptable to your personal taste.

The simple and ultra-modern lounge elements are a statement for all garden lovers and leave nothing to be desired - an absolute must for outdoor lovers who enjoy the sun and spend a lot of time in their garden.

Put your feet up -you can position the back cushions as you wish as they do not require any additional fastening thanks to their anti-slip system on the underside, you can relax as your heart desires.

The cover material is made of high quality olefin fabric, famous for its UV and water resistance, making it perfect for outdoor use. All covers have a zip, making them easy to remove and machine washable.

The base is made of our own special quick dry foam which is super comfortable and is designed to prevent water from remaining inside the cushion due to its unique open-pored cell structure, meaning you can use your Loft Lounge on your terrace all year round. Enjoy a cozy evening with friends or just the two of you, snuggled up on your new favorite lounge in the lap of luxury, bringing that holiday vibe to your outdoor area.