2005 until today
Our story began with our two German founders Sarah Hättich and Harald Bold spending four years in Indonesia, building the foundations of BLOOM as we know it today. They personally took responsibility for how the production facility was set up and it is this attention to detail that makes them successful.
It has grown from the initial ten employees into a major employer in the district, with over 220 workers now plying their trade at BLOOM.
Although we have grown into an international company, we like to think we have retained the family atmosphere that makes us and our products unique. As well manufacturing our own products, we now also do so for several other well-known European brands.
Our Team 450
Showrooms 6
Years of Experience 17

From the very outset, we were convinced that it is possible to produce great furniture and still take responsibility for people and the environment. BLOOM outdoor furniture not only for quality, attention to detail and reliability, but also for production under fair conditions. Our materials are natural resource friendly and are all fully recyclable, from which we carefully handcraft products of the upmost quality. Our customers can enjoy our beautiful furniture with a clear conscience towards man and nature.

Our customers can enjoy our beautiful furniture, safe in the knowledge that it has only a positive influence on humanity and nature.

We remain true to our principles

Our Team

Sarah Hättich


Harald Bold


Petra Hofer

Showroom Manager

Sabrina Sestan

Customer Service

Alexander Soulier


Upit Susan Muriani

Director Operational

Louisa Agustina | Diana Kristiana

Finance Team

M. Ridwan

Shopfloor Manager

Halimah Nursanti

PPIC Manager

Tegar Aditya Fanucci | Solkin Sapto Puspito | Rina Krisyani | Muhammad Foad Shodri

RND Team

Prasasti Wulanningrum | Marina Ganesa Utami | Menik Dina Wati

Purchasing Team

Michael Aji Pradipta


Satriadi Basuki | Yuyud Setiawan | M Andar Muda

3D Artist Team

Puspita Alficah Coulsum

HR Manager

Ayu Wirawati

Showroom Manager Bali

Ade Christo

Sales Manager SEA

Diana Asen

Business Development Manager

Philip Trass

Owner BLOOM Dubai

What we stand for

It is the minute detail that sets us apart from our competitors. All our creations encompass our core values: passion, enthusiasm and fanatic attention to detail. This is in our DNA and this comes across in our furniture, as every day we strive to improve in order to exceed the expectations of our customers.

Social responsibility

Through our own longer stay in Indonesia, but especially through the close relationship with our employees, the desire and the need to found our own aid project arose in us. In numerous conversations with the local people, it became clear to us that helping people to help themselves, in the form of education, is the best way to bring about lasting and sustainable change for the better.

Help for self-help

Most children in Indonesia cannot learn to read, write or do arithmetic because it is simply not possible for parents, who have to earn their living as day laborers on the rice and fruit plantations, to pay school fees, school uniforms or books. If there is not enough money to live on, education becomes an unaffordable luxury. We at BLOOM did not want to accept this and started "Budhi Sarasvati", a project that enables children in the small village of Menyali, in the north of the Indonesian island of Bali, to attend school. By paying the annual school fees, we finance the children's attendance at elementary school and thus lay an existential foundation for a better life.

We are therefore always happy to receive donations for the project, but are especially pleased to receive a personal sponsorship.

BLOOM already supports many children with this initiative.
And we would like to do more.

We are therefore always happy to receive donations for the project, but are especially pleased to receive a personal sponsorship. Each sponsor accompanies his or her sponsored child during the entire primary school years, which last six years in Indonesia. BLOOM co-founder Sarah Hättich visits the children regularly and gives all sponsors a current photo of their sponsored child every year. For the children, the visit is an extraordinary event every time. There is not much going on in the small village and when someone from a country as far away as Germany comes to visit, it is always a very special day for everyone, especially for the children. Many sponsors also accompany Sarah Hättich to Menyali to meet their sponsored child in person. These encounters have always been found by the visitors to be as gratifying as they are memorable, and it is not uncommon for lifelong friendships to develop as a result.