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Lounge Chair


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Fascinatingly different, wonderfully attractive, surprisingly comfortable. The elaborate weave of horizontal white or natural fibers combined with vertical fibres in silver or white, highlights the beauty of curves.

ONYX encapsulates both beauty and practicality working in perfect symphony. The cushions are firmly embedded and therefore can not slip and are reinforced by the organic shape, providing a feeling of contentment.

Make sure our furniture fits in your home. If you have any questions, please contact us for further details.


You can only order BLOOM outdoor furniture via our website or from one of our showrooms and the order is binding as soon as we have received your deposit. You can find more information about payment options here. We will inform you regularly by email about the progress of your order and we will also contact you about a week before the planned delivery to arrange an exact delivery date with you.

Delivery time

Since we manufacture each of our pieces of furniture by hand "on demand" after the order has been received, the delivery time is around 6 to 8 weeks. It is best to order your individually configured garden furniture from us before the start of the season!

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Delivery costs anywhere in the UAE are included. You can use our contact form to inquire about shipping costs for deliveries to other MENA countries.


As soon as your garden furniture has left our factory in Indonesia and is on the way to the UAE, you will receive an email from us. About a week before delivery, we will arrange the exact delivery date with you.


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