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For maximum durability of your outdoor furniture

Although BLOOM Outdoor garden furniture is especially weather resistant, it can be additionally protected against moisture, pollen, resins and Sahara sand with our high-quality covers. This way your outdoor furniture will always be dry, even after short showers in summer, and thus ready for use at any time. It will also help to avoid the negative effects of nocturnal visits by small rodents.
We offer made-to-measure covers for every collection or custom-made covers for your specific needs, e.g. for entire dining sets or lounges.
Contact us for advice or to place an order.

All-round protection 01

The covers offer protection against moisture, frost, snow, UV radiation, pollen, dirt and leaves, keeping your furniture ready for whenever it is needed.

Waterproof 02

Our protective covers are waterproof up to a water column of 10,000mm.

Breathable 03

Moisture occurring on the inside is released to the outside, preventing the formation of condensation and mould.

Easy handling 04

Thanks to the cord clips and low weight, handling is child's play.

Material & Cleaning

All Bloom Outdoor garden furniture covers are made of PU-coated polyester, a material that is both waterproof and breathable. BLOOM covers are easy to clean, either hose them down or wash the protective covers in a washing machine at 30°.

Scope of delivery

The scope of delivery includes:

  • Cover sleeve with cord clip.
  • Storage bag for the protective cover
  • Water ball (for protective covers for dining sets)

Cover for dining groups

With our protective covers, you can cover your entire dining set. However, as puddles can form in heavy rain due to the different dimensions of the table and chairs, we supply an inflatable beach ball free of charge. You simply place this underneath the tarpaulin on the table, which creates an artificial slope and prevents the formation of puddles. The combined use of a separate protective cover for your garden table or chairs can also be useful. Another option is to cover our stackable chairs (up to 5 pieces) with a protective cover. Contact us for a consultation and together we will find the ideal solution to protect your exclusive garden furniture.

L-shaped lounge cover

We recommend that you use two individual protective covers for an L-shaped lounge set. Using a separate cover for each side of the L has the advantage that the covers are much easier to fit. This also makes it possible to attach the covers with the cord clip. Using only a single protective cover, this would only be possible to a limited extent due to the corner of the L lounge. As a result, the cover can easily come loose in windy conditions, the lower part of the corner remains unprotected and an opening is formed in which small rodents like to use as a shelter at night or in autumn / winter.

Covering cushions

You can store your cushions with the garden furniture under the protective cover. However, we recommend that you do not leave the cushions under the cover for longer than a couple of weeks, as otherwise small rodents may make themselves at home under your protective cover. For winter storage outdoors, our high-quality cushion boxes are much more suitable.


BLOOM Outdoor Möbel can be ordered in one of our showrooms or from our online store. For a personal consultation please contact us so we can help you select the perfect BLOOM furniture, and create photo-realistic 3D visualisations of BLOOM products so it looks as though they are already in your home - a service we provide free of charge. You will notice which collections, colours and patterns perfectly fit your space, and you can be 100% sure that you made the right decision when placing an order. Please find detailed information about our customer service here.

Delivery time

Every piece of BLOOM Outdoor Möbel is crafted by hand to ensure highest quality and durability. The lead time of our products is normally 8-12 weeks. Please kindly take into account that high quality craftsmanship takes its time: The elaborate weaving alone can take up to 10 working days for a single chair. Besides that, we bundle our oversea deliveries and fulfill the shipping by sea freight. Considering approximately a 5 week journey, you are supporting us in keeping the environmental impact to an absolute minimum. Throughout the entire delivery period, we will keep you regularly informed about the status of your order.

Shipping costs

Within Germany, we deliver your outdoor furniture free of charge for an order value above 850 euros. Information for deliveries to the German islands, Austria, Switzerland and other European countries can be found here.

Delivery on site

Deliveries are normally fulfilled by our very own BLOOM logistics team. We will get in touch with you approximately one week beforehand, and coordinate the exact delivery date and a time window for our arrival. Furthermore, our logistics team will help you on-site by placing your furniture in it’s new home.


Each product at BLOOM is crafted by hand On-Demand, meaning it is produced only after we receive your order. This allows you the opportunity to configure your personal custom furniture with BLOOM. However, if you are still not satisfied with your choice, you have the option to return the outdoor furniture ordered online, especially if it couldn't be viewed in one of our showrooms, within 14 days of receiving the goods, without providing a reason. Please contact us to initiate this process.